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Production Support


The depth and capabilities of Simatic components make expertise an ever evolving challenge. We constantly upgrade our knowledge on the new developments. Several Siemens divisions have contracted us to service their customers. We have developed custom machine-specific training classes for a variety of customers.

Service calls have developed into decades of support. We help capable maintenance staffs modify their own 
equipment. Orlando Bakery, Hood Packaging, ConAgra, and Siemens plants have used us to expand their
capabilities on a regular basis. Employee training has been a consistent theme.

Original Equipment Manufacturers partner with us to give their customers the best product available. Peerless 
has standardized on another control in America but use Siemens in Europe. We wrote programs, tested, and 
installed machines in Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and China.

We try to be accessible to customers 24/7. Experience has proven that machines fail more on the off shifts. Our 
first priority is to a production machine.

The S7 product family has a very useful remote access tool that can be used over a telephone line. The proper 
components must be present on both ends. Access can be password protected to prohibit unauthorized use. We have
saved days of downtime by finding failed hardware and have the replacement ready when we arrive..

We build strong relationships with your floor people. Trust is earned by repeat success where learning is always 
an underlying theme. Hours are saved by knowing the questions to ask.

Cost and downtime are major concerns in rebuilding equipment. Many staffs can mechanically repair their machines 
in place. We prepare the replacement system for rapid install and start-up.

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