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Bosch H&K Aseptic Filler Servo Transfer Upgrade

PROBLEM: The current hydraulic transfer system is subject to temperature changes due to workload. The effect on web position consistency creates several bad issues in the process. Hydraulic fluid is always a potential contamination source. SOLUTION: Servo controlled transfer gives a smoother tunable movement throughout the workspace. The encoder position feedback will make the station start trigger easily adjustable through the HMI interface.


CONTROL: Siemens S5-135U system uses a 3 parallel processor configuration to handle all the machine control. This platform was obsoleted by the S7 system in 2002. Profibus protocol is the network of the S7 family.

SERVO: Siemens 911U servo control drive is used to handle the position and speed movement of the transfer.

MECHANICAL: Location and size issues are overcome with a special Rexroth table designed to more than handle the load.

INTERFACE Siemens makes an IM-306 card for the old S5 system to connect to modern Profibus controls like the 911U drive.

TEAM Hershel Yates –ConAgra- Project leader Dave Anderson –ConAgra- Control technician Blair Sachs – HDS- Mechanical design and install Bob Pillan –Electromatic- Servo drive control Andy Banyots –Firewings- Software interfaces and control

PROJECT BRIEF The project had corporate attention as it was internally generated through plant engineering and the OEM was not involved.

The design team met several times to review progress and gain confidence as the components were configured and tested offline. Over preparation and contingency plans were essential as failure was not an option. The system with load was tested at the HDS plant prior to install. The 1 week installation went so well that reduced cost packaging stock was tested with exciting results.

FOLLOW UP Encoder feedback was used to change the valve sequencing. Position replaced timers in station triggers. Recipe profiles were added to give simple parameter changeover for speed changes.

RESULTS Lower cost packaging has been in production for several months with even lighter weight packaging being tested. (save estimate $400K/year) This was the first major upgrade, in the Bosch Aseptic Packaging Division outside of Germany, which was successfully completed by a non-Bosch team. Bosch was so impressed by the results that they hired Hershel Yates for their North American Service Group

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