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Twin HPM 150 Ton Plastic Molding Presses/Commander 2 Controls

Siemens plant engineering department hired us to upgrade the failing controls for more productivity. The existing control parts were becoming increasingly expensive and rare. Our strategy was to prepare a new subpanel to replace the custom control with minimal downtime. We upgraded one press to prove the system before working on the second. The field inputs were converted to 24VDC and the outputs were isolated by individual relays to protect the cards from aging valves. Productivity had such a dramatic increase that 3 more presses were scheduled for similar upgrades.

HPM 400 TON MOLDING PRESS INTERFACED WITH ROBOTIC PART REMOVAL This machine was similar to the twins but had an added interface with a robot. We added the interface code and screens to the TP 170B that is used to change the molding parameters of all the HPM presses. The diagnostic screen aids in the maintenance troubleshooting of each press.

VERTICAL COMPRESSION PRESS UPGRADES The operator places a specified weight of a fiberglass and plastic compound in the open cavity. Dual start buttons protect the operator during the closing portion of the cycle. The press opens automatically when the part is cured. We built the sub-panel using Siemens S7-314C and MP277 technology. We replaced a drum sequencer based control system in each machine. The HMI and machine function were designed to function similar to other existing presses to reduce operator training.

PLANT PERSONNEL TRAINING We encourage plant assistance to keep the costs down and give ownership of the modified equipment. All our technicians are experienced instructors in the Siemens control equipment.

DOCUMENTATION We produce a maintenance manual complete with wiring diagrams, printed programs, and operating instructions. Our support team is on call to assist with troubleshooting.

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